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Songs About Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are different each time with the toxicity manifesting uniquely every time. In this article, I collected a few songs about being in toxic relationships, and the heartache that comes with is.

Song About Toxic Relationships: She’s Devilish

This is a song about knowing that you are getting into a relationship with someone devilish, but doing it anyway.

Here is a page with the lyrics and further interpretation of this toxic relationship song.

Song About Toxic Relationships: Ode To Endless Search

This is about leaving a toxic relationship. This song uses a wonderful metaphor. As the main hero of the song is on his road away from the breakup, he is haunted by two cold evening stars that remind him of the cold eyes of the woman he loved.

Here is a page with full lyrics and a full interpretation and analysis of this sorrowful song about leaving.

More Songs About Heartbreak

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Song About Toxic Relationship: Bittersweet Mirage

This is a song about getting your hopes up, waiting, hoping, but ultimately getting your hopes crushed, and the pain that comes after.

Here is a page with a more elaborate analysis and interpretation of this song.

80s Song About Toxic Relationships – I Hate Myself for Loving You – Joan Jett

The 80s are full of songs about heartbreak and bad love, but I chose this one because the title is literally “I Hate Myself for Loving You” which doesn’t get any more directly toxic than that. Here is the full song:

90s Song About Toxic Relationships – Self Esteem by The Offspring

This is a classic 90s punk band that I used to love as a teenager. It’s not complex. It’s about coming back to the same bad relationship because you are just too weak to leave.

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