Oh Michelangelo – Romantic Song Invoking The Painting “Birth of Adam”

What is “Oh Michelangelo” About?

This song uses the metaphor of Michelangelo’s painting of the Birth of Adam and weaves two themes into one.

The first theme is about two current-day lovers and the tenderness with which the man wants to treat his beloved.

The second theme is about Michelangelo’s painting “Creation of Adam” which, according to the protagonist of the song was painted incorrectly. The protagonist of the song has a conversation with Michelangelo throughout the song telling him that he painted the painting incorrectly.

The two themes converge into a dreamy love song with sweet lyrics as the song progresses. Listen to the song and get taken on this journey through centuries and worlds.

Song Lyrics


Poets go mad describing the light you emanate.

For centuries they broke their quills, and now it’s my fate.

But I can paint you worlds with my caress.

So I touch the back of your shoulder as you undress.


Oh Michelangelo, painted God and Adam in the sky.

Oh Michelangelo, in the painting, I see my love and I


My fingers gliding along your silhouette.

You’re breathing with me – our souls have met.

Our eyes close as my fingers track

New Sistine Chapels along your back.


Oh Michelangelo, painted God and Adam in the sky.

Oh Michelangelo In the painting, I see my love and I.

His brush didn’t show her glory.

I’ll guide his hand to repaint it with her and I in the story.


And we surrender in ethereal sublime.

Where souls touch and forever intertwine.

With hearts in heaven while still on earth below.

We’ll paint the world better than Michelangelo.


Moments or centuries later – I open my eyes.

We levitated in our touch – I realize.

Each day in our flight I find new words to express

That feel as though they were a caress.

Magical But Relatable

When I set out to write this song, I set out to describe a real-life moment of intimacy with a romantic partner. Even though the metaphor of the song is otherworldly, the experience of sweetly touching our lover is a common one, which makes it a very relatable song even though it’s also dreamy.