Inspiring Music With Touching Lyrics

I am a singer-songwriter influenced by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bulat Okudzhava, and Vladimir Vysotsky. Listen to my songs on this page, YouTube, or Spotify.

About Alex Genadinik

Feel inspired and come on a “daydreamy” journey after which you feel beautiful.

I was inspired by artists like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, and Rosenbaum.

Emphasis on interesting and pretty lyrics and pretty melodies that take you places.

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Cover of a popular Russian song Девочка Плачет by Булат Окуджава (Bulat Okudzhava) translated to English. People still debate the meaning of this song – what’s your guess?
This song of compassion aginst mass shootings and gun violence that can be avoided. It makes an analogy between dandelion petals and machine-gun bullets. Give the sonf a try.

My Goal Is To Create Inspiring Songs

When I write lyrics, I try to make them interesting, imaginative, relatable, and creative.

When I sing, I try to connect with the music emotionally and have that carry through how the songs sound. I think this is inspiring because if you can feel different emotions through the music, which is uplifting. The emotions don’t all have to be positive, but they should be interesting.

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