Enchanting Woman | Romantic Folk Song About Lost Past Love

What is Enchanting Woman About?

This is one of my covers of song is inspired by Bulat Okudzhava’s original song in Russian.

As I was translating this song to English, more and more parts of this song became less clear so I took the liberty to re-write large chunks of it.

When I first listened to this song many years ago, I was struck by the touching lyrics “She must be writing letters to me, but postmen must have grown old and all the addresses have changed.” It was a “wow” moment for me and in my translation, I added another piece to this with the lyrics “She probably still writes me love letters in the clouds, but I’ve grown old and can’t read clouds anymore.”

This is one of the most relatable songs because many people have either lost a love or still think of a past love in a hopeful or fond way. This song rekindles that hope in a sweet way. The subtle and pretty melody is easy to listen to and the helps the poetry in the song truly come alive. It’s also one of the more optimistic songs because those lost or imagined loves never pan out. But this song is so sweet that even though it doesn’t promise any good outcome, it makes the listener feel good as though everything will turn out OK in the end.

Also, in the Russian song, there is less of a connection to the love story between the protagonist and the lady. In my story, there is more of a connection between them.

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Bulat Okudzhava is a poet and a songwriter. I am excited to translate his work to English. His writes meaningful songs that have deep lyrics about life. The deep song lyrics in his song are inspiring and sometimes life-altering. Especially his perspectives of how life could be. That’s perhaps most evident in his song “Blue Trolley” where he reimagines the public transportation as a place to find compassion and camaraderie. It’s difficult to describe with words so here is the video on YouTube: