Girl With A Pearl Earring Song

This is a playful and optimistic song with a more modern take on the painting by Johannes Vermeer called Girl With A Pearl Earring.

About The Painting: The Girl With The Pearl Earring

The painting is mysterious because there are more questions about the girl than there are answers.

For example, does she look happy or a little sad? Is she turning towards the viewer or away? What is the moment at which we are seeing her?

Some of these questions are answered in the Girl With A Pearl Earring song. And they are answered uniquely because the song is a male and female duet with all the dynamics of a relationship: hope, excitement, disappointment, and disillusionment, and more.

Evolution Of This Song 

This song was originally intended to only have a male vocalist, but there wasn’t enough variety in the sound. So a female vocalist was added relatively late in the process of writing and recording this song. In hindsight, that was always the right idea, but it didn’t feel immediately obvious.

Here is a page with other songs about art. The song is a piece of art that is a homage to one of the best artists of all time. 

Why This Topic For A Song?

Many love songs today fell too similar. They are written in first person to a supposed loved one, and the speaking tone is quite literal and unimaginative. 

This song rebels against all that. It is imaginative and creative from the first lines during which we find out that it’s dedicated to this amazing woman – The Mona Lisa of the North as she is sometimes called. After that, this song seems removed from reality. It lives in the world of imagination and allowing oneself to dream a little – even if it doesn’t all end perfectly.

The Duet

In the middle of the song, there is a sudden chance and the girl in the painting is given a voice. It’s unexpected, fun, and unique. As the writer of this song, I wanted to add a female duet part to counter my low voice and add more musically-interesting aspects to this song.