Hannah’s Song (To My Daughter)

What is Hannah’s Song About?

This song is about a new parent who can still cradle their newborn in the crook of their arm. And while their newborn rests there, the parent goes on a reverie about how their child might grow up and what they wish for their child as the child grows. The reverie also touches on their parents, grand-parents, and great-grand-parents. It connects generations and gifts the child a history.

The song also features touching lyrics. My favorite line is “And flowers will bloom where you skip along.” What an image and a gift to bestow onto a child.

Share this song with a new parent you know or send it to parents you know for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any day you want to give them a nice experience with this song. They might relate to this song quite a bit.

Favorite Song Lyrics

One of my favorite lines of this song is:

You’ll face the world before long and flowers will grow where you skip along.

Just picture the image of the girl and then a young lady walking through life and wherever she goes, flowers just bloom. It took me a long time to put that image into words and since it happened, I can’t believe how pretty this line came out. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to be able to picture that image of herself. It’s a special image to give to someone and makes this one of my most optimistic songs.

To me, this line makes it one of the most deep songs with meaning that I’ve written. Other good lines in this song are:

The future always comes too fast. You’ll hold grandchildren. I’ll be in your past.

To some people, this line is a little bit emotional when they think about it. Another line from the song I like is:

Let’s agree that even as centuries pass,

How we dance through life will be what lasts.

Feet hardly touching the ground, and I know

We’ll soar above the foolishness below. 

All in all, the song imagines this tiny baby, touches on her great grandparents, imagines the girl growing up to herself becoming a grandparent, and paints her whole life. That’s funny because most new parents wonder how their new child will grow up. This song becomes a daydream in which a whole life story is played out. Of course, once the daydream ends, we are back to just staring at the newborn who does not have any immediate answers and will answer all our questions very slowly.

Despite all that, it’s nice to have positive imagery and hope created by this inspirational song to help the new parent stay optimistic through all the parenting challenges.

Great Song For Father’s Day Or Mother’s Day

This is a meaningful song for new parents because it’s so relatable. Every new parent has a moment cradling their baby in their arms with the baby not being able to say or do anything while the parent wonders how the baby will grow up. That’s what this song is about and that’s why it’s one of my most relatable songs if you are also a parent.

I started writing this song when my daughter was one month old. When she was four months old, she hit a milestone of being able to do a laugh. Usually babies start making their first laughs at that age. It sounds quite special so I wrote a song about her laughing. It’s also a nice and relatable song for parents. Here is the link to the song about baby’s laughter.

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