Nobleman – New Classic Rock Song

Enjoy the pretty melody and unique lyrics in a more modern version of a classic song from decades ago.

This song was inspired by Bulat Okudzhava’s song about the place where he grew up. At first, I just wanted to translate the original song to English because I thought the song had a nice melody and a meaningful message. But when I started translating this song, I realized that there are too many specific cultural and geographic references, and it wouldn’t make sense for English-speaking audiences. So I completely re-wrote the lyrics in order to keep some of the ideas I liked the most.

When I began singing the song, some of the feedback I got was that it felt outdated, so I had to change the melody to make it sound slightly more modern. I then added a musical arrangement to the song.

So now, everything about this song is different: the melody, lyrics, language, and the instrumental arrangement. The only thing that’s preserved is hopefully the main message.