Open-Ended Sad Love Song

Open-Ended Sad Love Song Inspired By Okudzhava’s (Окуджава) “Он наконец вернулся в дом.”

At first, I started translating the original song. But as I kept translating, many things didn’t translate and I had to re-write entire lines and later entire verses. The original song is also older in song structure and didn’t have a traditional chorus or a bridge so I added a bridge. Now, it’s only similar to the original in vague ideas so instead of calling it a translation and a cover song, I say it’s inspired by the original song.

This is one of my English translations of songs by Bulat Okudzhava that I proudly collect for you. It also happens to be a song with rich metaphors and meaningful lyrics.

Sad Love Songs’ lyrics:


Every night she slept dreaming of me

And in my dreams, she was all I could see

We met on the stars (same note) as we closed our eyes

Swirling around each other in midnight skies


We painted sunsets lavender

While sharing dreams in love whispers.

Until sunrise broke the spell – time to part

Waking apart missing half of our hearts


After years I came to her door

To give her the flowers my heart grew for her

But I tripped on my words and couldn’t confess

How for years I dreamed of her caress


She was dying to melt in my arms

But hesitated to reach for my palms

We stood silently and I began to leave

Back to live in the dreams we weave


Dreams kept love alive while decades flew by

I met her later – her eyes still with pain of our last goodbye

We melted into a clutching embrace –

But this vivid dream ended with only silent walls to face.

Author’s Notes On This Song

When I was done with the lyrics, I thought they were great. I still think so. But my vocal performance in this song as well as the musical arrangement can and should be better. In the future, I plan to re-write the musical arrangement for this song and re-do the vocals, after which I plan to re-release this song. That will happen in late 2022 or 2023. I’ll update this page when that happens.

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