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This song about keeping your heart open feels like it should be relatable. While it isn’t initially so, as the listener, you quickly realize that, yes, this is exactly how everyone should relate: when life is hard, we must keep our hearts open! 

Relatable Song: The Road Less Traveled

One relatable element of just about everyone’s life is having some goals, struggling to achieve them, achieving some or all of them, only to be disappointed in the end.

This is the idea behind my song “The Road Less Traveled” which is also a play on the famous poem by Robert Frost.

The protagonist of the song keeps wrestling with how he had goals and made decisions, but many of the decisions led him to paths he didn’t want or foresee. Here is the full song:

In a similar theme, I wrote another relatable song called “The One Who Didn’t.”

The One Who Didn’t – A Relatable Song Dealing With A Common Experience

Did you ever set a big life goal for yourself and picture what would happen if you didn’t achieve it?

I had that experience in my early 20s. I pictured myself failing at all the things I had set out to do and it was quite a scary thought to entertain. Also, it was this very thought and the fear (and some panic) it caused that spurned me on to work harder at achieving things I wanted to do.

To reinforce the urgency of this idea, the song uses Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with its famous motif DA-DA-DA-DA which is the metaphor for your life asking on your door and asking what you are doing. The new song uses Beethoven’s 5th in the melody and lyrics. Check it out for yourself here:

The Road Song – The Most Relatable Song

This is a popular 20th century Russian song I translated to English. It’s a touching and gentle song with the main lyrics saying:

“Maybe if the ring of your arms was more secure, the road would have been easier for me.”

When I first came across this song many years ago, I immediately found it relatable and recognized the sentiment of the singer because I myself have been in that situation before. It’s a pretty song that’s simple but also quite touching. Give it a listen here:

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