ODE TO ENDLESS SEARCH – Song About Leaving A Bad Relationship And Sorrow

I translated this poetic song about breakup from the original Russian song by Bulat Okudzhava. The original song featured poetic lyrics like the following:

And above my road, shine just like your eyes – two cold evening stars looking down at me.

The metaphor of the two cold evening stars reminding the protagonist of the song about his woman’s cold eyes expresses so much in just a few words. We immediately get a sense that the person singing is leaving a bad relationship, and that they have not fully healed yet. They are in sorrow over having been with such a woman, and they are also in sorrow about being alone on their new road that is also cold and unpleasant.

I added this song to my collection of songs about loneliness because of what the hero of the song is going through. They just have a road ahead of them, and haunted by the coldness of the woman he is leaving behind.

Full Song Lyrics


On this backroad – endless milestone posts and posts

Heavy on my heart – your words your words your words

And above this road of mine, shine just like your eyes

Two cold evening stars looking down at me.


On my road, the snow storm howls and howls.

But I keep thinking on and on and on

Maybe if there was warmth in your embrace

My road might have been easier to bare


Along my road, years turn and turn

I keep traveling and searching on and on

Above my road shine just like your eyes –

Two cold evening stars looking down on me.