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Songs About Loneliness

Loneliness is a hard topic to write a song about because it’s hard to open up and be vulnerable, and tell the world that you are lonely. Many breakup songs can also be seen as slightly masked loneliness songs, but what about songs purely about being alone?

Holiday Song About Loneliness – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This is such a sweet song! It starts out a little bit too slow, but the purity and the vulnerability of this song keep me listening and relating to it.

Loneliness Song About Being Different – Too Many Birds by Bill Callahan

This is a song about just being different, and having to go your own route because of that, which unfortunately also feels very lonely at times.

Loneliness Song About Leaving A Bad Relationship – Two Cold Evening Stars Just Like Your Eyes

I translated this song from the original Russian-language poetry to English. The metaphor of this song of about two cold evening stars reminding the hero of the song about the woman he is leaving is an example of great poetry in music. I found the original version of this song very touching, and was compelled to translate it to English.

Song About Loneliness After Breakup – What Was It All For by Alex Genadinik

This is a sad love song, but it’s also a very relaxing song. It starts with the lyrics “Whisper like a gentle stream. Carry me into your dream.” I tried to replicate the sound and feel of the song like a gentle stream. The song is about a couple who drift away from each other with the main hero of the song feeling lonely and remorseful about losing that relationship. Here is a further analysis of this melancholy love song.

Song About Dying Alone – Elenor Rigby by The Beatles

The song asks “All the lonely people – where do the all come from? All the lonely people where do they all belong?”

The lyrics of this song focus on a woman who died alone and was buried alone too.

Song About Going Through Life Alone – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

The song’s lyrics focus on walking a lonely road, and the energy of the song feeds on it. It’s the catchy part of the song where the lead vocalist digs into the words about walking a lonely road with his shadow the only one to walk beside him.

Song About A Lonely Beautiful Woman – Wind Of Sighs by Alex Genadinik

This mellow and nostalgic song’s lyrics are inspired by both Shakespeare and Socrates. The song attempts to answer the question of what is beauty, which is a question that Socrates also once tried to answer. This song also attempts to answer that question by defining beauty as that which inspires.

This ballad focuses on the woman who inspires, but who is so beautiful that she is lonely on her magic cloud for one. It’s an irony of life.

Song About Being Rescued From Loneliness By Music – Guardians of Souls by Alex Genadinik

This song is largely autobiographical. Earlier in my life I found myself around people but still lonely with nothing but a cigarette being my companion. But then I discovered poetic music, and my feelings of loneliness subsided.

I found companionship in the ideas and words of singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and similar artists to be life-changing and almost life-saving. I found wisdom in their music. I also found someone to relate to.

This song is a dedication to all the poets and musicians who inspire us and add meaning to our lives.

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