WHO BY FIRE Cover – Leonard Cohen Original

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And who by fire, who by waterWho in the sunshine, who in the night timeWho by high ordeal, who by common trialWho in your merry merry month of mayWho by very slow decayAnd who shall I say is calling?
And who in her lonely slip, who by barbiturateWho in these realms of love, who by something bluntWho by avalanche, who by powderWho for his greed, who for his hungerAnd who shall I say is calling?
And who by brave assent, who by accidentWho in solitude, who in this mirrorWho by his lady’s command, who by his own handWho in mortal chains, who in powerAnd who shall I say is calling?

More About WHO BY FIRE

This remains a meaningful song decades after it was written. The lyrics are relatively simple, or at least they seem simple, but the song structure is quite unique. Nearly every line starts with “who by” and asks mortal questions that make the listener take a deeper look inside themselves.

Of course, the word “death” is never mentioned in this song, but that’s what this song is about – who will die and under what circumstances. That’s what makes this song timeless. These types of questions remain deeply meaningful to each individual.

Here is a longer write-up about this Who By Fire cover.

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