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Songs About Growing Up

What if the 5-year-old you appeared next to you and asked you how you ended up doing in life? What would you answer? This is what this song is about:

This song is about answering hard questions about your life. It’s also about the decisions and efforts you are willing to stand by. But it’s also about not sugarcoating things either, and not knowing how things will end.

Growing’ Up By Bruce Springsteen

The lyrics of this song are based on Bruce Springsteen’s own coming of age and adolescence. Growing up, Bruce had to make his own decisions of whether to follow what his family wanted him to do or pursue music. Luckily, he was brave enough to make his own decision about what’s right for him.

Forever Young By Rod Steward

This song is actually about Rod Stewart’s kids. Any parent knows that “forever young” is exactly what kids won’t be, and it’s special to spend those moments with them.

The idea of “forever young” works in a broader sense because no one will be forever young. It applies as much to the people you love as it does to you. You should cherish your own life. That’s something we all deal with. What makes this song so special is that this is one of the more relatable songs about growing up and getting older.

The idea of this song would have been a perfect compliment to my song about being frustrated with different decisions and turns in life. It’s important to cherish that too.

In My Life By The Beatles

This Beatles song follows nicely after Rod Stewart’s call to remember that kids and people you love won’t be forever young. This is one of the more optimistic songs about growing up. This song is a homage and a remembrance of the people John Lennon met in the past. After all, many of them make an impact on us, and even though the people may not be in our lives today, they impact stays forever.

Song About Growing Up And Getting Older: Landslide By Fleetwood Mac

This is partially a song about coming of age and relationship with parents. The protagonist literally references “daddy.” The story behind this song is that the lead singer’s father didn’t want her to pursue music, and it strained their relationship. Sometimes a part of growing up is doing what you feel you need to do despite other strong voices that pull you in other directions.

Sad And Dark Song About Growing Up: Jeremy By Pearl Jam

This is a very sad song about a teenage boy from was bullied in school and committed suicide. This is a song from the 90s. It’s not certain that a record studio would allow such a song to be released today, so we can enjoy this song that focuses on a unique and important subject matter.

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