Sweet Songs That Will Make You Tear Up

Moon River by Audrey Hepburn is perhaps the sweetest song of all time. Even on the millionth listen, it makes you pause and wonder how to keep the sweetness of this song in your life after the song ends.

That thought in itself is a great idea for a song that I hope to write one day, so stay tuned!

Sweet Song: Keep Your Heart Open

I translated this song from its original language. It’s not known in United States, but this song message to keep your heart open throughout life’s challenges resonated with me so much that I translated this song to English in order to share it with English-speaking audiences.

Sweet Song: American Pie by Don McLean

This song isn’t about a sweet topic. It’s about a heath. But the sound of this song is so sweet and pure that it is often sung around campfires.

Sweet Song: Father And Son by Cat Stevens

This is a really sweet message from a father to a son. The lyrics are pretty straightforward in this song, but the musical sound of this song and the earnest vocal delivery is what really makes everything work.

Sweet Song: Candle In The Wind For Princess Diana by Elton John

The lyrics were re-written specifically for Princess Diana. They turned out even sweeter and prettier than the original version of this song. It’s tear-jerking very time I listen to it. The music starts at 1:09 and a half into this video:

Best lyrics of this song:

“Goodbye England’s rose”

“Your candle’s burned out long before your legend ever will.”

“Goodby England’s rose, may you grow forever in our hearts.”

“A country lost without your soul.”

Sweet Song: Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water Covered by John Groban and Jennifer Malenke

The Wind Beneath My Wings

This song has a great chorus. Bette Midler sang this song in a touching movie called Beeches. The combination of the touching message of this movie and the song turned this into a classic that lasted for decades.

Of Michelangelo by Alex Genadinik

This song reimagines the famous painting Birth Of Adam by Michelangelo into a modern setting between two lovers.

I Hope You Dance by Lee An Womack

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