The oldest song with a great metaphor is a famous classical piece, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with it’s widely recognized 4-note motif of DA-DA-DA-DA which is the metaphor of your life urgently knocking on your door and asking what you are doing with your life.

I took this classical piece and wrote my own song that further extends this metaphor and uses Beethoven’s old motif in the new song’s melody and lyrics.

Here is Beethoven’s original:

Here is my original contemporary song playing off Beethoven’s 5th Symphony:

Magic Dandelion – A Song With A Beautiful Metaphor To Cover Something Ugly

This is a very different song but a fitting one for metaphors. Metaphors are great to get the imagination going and the topic of this song really needed it. The “Magic Dandelion” is a song against gun violence and mass shootings.

The metaphor of this song is to replace something ugly like guns and instead of guns to blow dandelion petals that come in bunches like a machine gun might shoot bullets. So the metaphor of the magic dandelion is to spread petals of love. I thought it is a pretty visual that gives hope and a vision of something better. Here is the full song Magic Dandelion:

Song With Metaphors – The Road Song

This is a song about loneliness and a lack of support. The protagonist of the song is singing about how he is out on the road, but it would feel so much better if his woman gave him a more reassuring embrace as he was leaving. And as he is on his road, he is singing about “two cold evening stars looking down on me like your eyes” which is a fascinating and sad metaphor. It’s a beautiful song originally by Bulat Okudzhava which I translated to English here:

See How I Used Shakespeare’s Metaphors In My New Song

Shakespeare is the best writer of all time and I had an idea to add his amazing writing to my own song. When I came up with this idea, it felt like a long shot, but I actually did it and the song has been received by listeners so far. This Shakespeare song uses four famous original lines from Shakespeare with rich metaphors.

The lines in this song that are by Shakespeare are:

  1. Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.
  2. You have witchcraft on your lips.
  3. In your heart of hearts.
  4. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Metaphor In A Song To My Daughter

When my daughter was born, I wrote a song about how she might grow up. Parents always think about how their children will grow up but when the kids are young, there are never any answers, just imaginings. So I imagined flowers growing wherever my daughter goes when she grows older. The main metaphor lyric of that song is:

You’ll face the world before long and flowers will bloom as you skip along.

To me, the metaphor of flowers growing wherever she goes is her doing beautiful things in the world and making people around her happy. But saying that directly is boring and overdone. It’s become cliche. But saying that flowers will grow wherever she goes is a pretty image that you can imagine. It’s also original. And most of all, it’s beautiful image she would discover about herself when she becomes old enough.

Here is the full song which is a great song for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day:

Learn To Create Beautiful Metaphors

Here is a tutorial on how to write metaphors which connect with readers and make them see imagery that inspires emotion. This tutorial even has a 3-step formula to help you create your own beautiful imagery for your songs or poetry.

If you prefer watching videos tutorials, here is a video tutorial where I use metaphors by Shakespeare and other great writers to show how much it enriches writing and how you can create your own:

Poetry Book With Songs That Have Many Beautiful Metaphors

I am excited to share with you that I compiled all my original poetry to which I wrote music and the Russian poetry that I translated into one unique and interactive poetry book. This poetry book with songs has a YouTube link that goes with every poem so you can listen to each poem as a song and hear how the music brings out the imagery in the poetry.