BITTERSWEET MIRAGE – Emotional Song About Chasing False Dreams

This song was originally inspired by the Myth of Sisyphus, which is a Greek myth about a man who loved like so much that the Gods punishment for him was to test whether he’ll continue to love life even if it was made to be of constant meaningless hardships.

As I wrote this song, I was inspired by an idea from Friedrich Nietzsche that we’ll go through great suffering as long as we see meaning in that suffering. I thought it was a devastating insight, and I wanted to incorporate it into the song, giving the songs very interesting song lyrics and one of my better songs with metaphors.

These two ideas drove the story of the song: The Myth Of Sisyphus and the idea from Friedrich Nietzsche. As those ideas driving the song, the imagery of the song came from a common failed romantic relationship. The imagery is simple but relatable. That turned this song into a sad romantic song, or maybe a frustrated romantic song. Although originally the song was about any arduous journey we might undertake in life – we pursue it and go through great suffering to achieve it as long as we see meaning in it.

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How To View This Song About Chasing Dreams

This is definitely a song that has something to say about living life. It’s just hard to say if it’s an inspirational song about living life or not. But because it’s so relatable, it’s definitely one of my more emotional songs.

Song Lyrics


She made a wish and blew a dandelion.

The petals flew far, kept on flying.

He ran to catch the petals and ended up

Stumbling through his whole life’s map.


That first moment meant something to him

For her it was a whim

He fell in love with a vision fantasized

Imagination can cost a heavy prize


When tired, and it’s late – and visions meditate

See a future great – hallucinate.

You’ll go through suffering

Thinking it will give you meaning


He imagined that her dandelion

Would finally make her soul stop sighing

Only in hindsight, you know Life never ties up in a bow


When tired, and it’s late – and visions meditate

You see a future great – hallucinate.

And you’ll go through (great) suffering,

Thinking it will give you meaning


Thoughts enchant – visions flash

Fall in love with a beautiful mirage

Chasing dreams you can almost see in the mind – not reality


When he brought back that dandelion

There was no girl, his memory was lying

No crowds lifting him on his throne

He’s always been alone – alone.

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