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Meaningful Songs About Life – Songs Of Perseverance, Determination, And Strength

The first song about perseverance, determination and strength is “The One Who Didn’t” which is a song about someone who pictured themselves later in life, unaccomplished and not having achieved the things they set out to do. If you picture being “the one who didn’t” it’s quite a bone-chilling experience.

In addition to this startling visual, the song also uses the famous motif from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (the big DA-DA-DA-DAAA) which is a metaphor for your life knocking on your door. Take a listen so the song:

Song lyrics:

There wasn’t a road to the vision I had

But I hopped on my horse and galloped like mad.

The sound of fate had knocked on my door.

It was Beethoven’s fifth from centuries before


The crowds mocked me – said I aim too high.

They viewed their fate through smaller eyes.

But they planted doubt that rooted in me.

And I saw a future I couldn’t unsee.


What if I become Am the one who didn’t?

The one who didn’t…the one who didn’t.

Didn’t feel my strength.

Didn’t sing my song.

And Didn’t inspire – And Didn’t inspire.

Didn’t find my love Am Didn’t kiss the girl

Who is waiting alone – waiting alone – waiting alone, waiting alone!


This ghost in my mind chased me for years

As I raged forward running from fears.

Did I run away or chase some make-belief crown?

I got so crazed – even the critics quieted down.


Soul not sold, I became a lion who roared.

But my heart didn’t soar – what was it all for?

Is Beethoven’s fifth to thank or blame

For that lightning strike that kindled my flame?


But what if I’d become… the one who didn’t

The one who didn’t

The one who didn’t.

Didn’t feel my strength.

Didn’t sing my song.

Didn’t inspire –

And didn’t inspire.

Didn’t find my love.

Didn’t kiss the girl.

Who is waiting alone – waiting alone – waiting alone waiting alone!


Journey completed – fulfillment omitted

But To Ludwig’s 5th – I’m forever committed.

My soul still bursting from every pore

Laughing madly, I charged gale winds once more.

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