Songs About Support

A touching translation from a classic 20th century Russian song, the “Road Song” so touchingly conveys how it feels to have a lack of support that it makes the listener long to have the support, creating a pretty melancholy aura.

The main lyrics in this song are:

“Maybe if the ring of your arms was more secure, the road would have been easier for me.”

And that’s echoed in the song by:

“Above my road shine just like your eyes – two cold evening stars looking down on me.”

This is a translation from the Russian version. When I first listened to the original many years ago, there was something quite human and real in those lines. I’ve had moments in which I felt exactly the same way so these lines resonated with me to my very core. You really sense what how lonely it feels to have no support and wish for support.

Wish To Friends – Another Song About Support

This is a very simple song and another song translated from the original Russian poetry. It’s full of wishes for how we could treat one another rather than how we do treat one another.

Some of the interesting lyrics about having support are:

“Can we cry openly and comfort one another? Let’s feel each other’s needs before we start to suffer.”


“Oh friends lets exclaim admirations to each other and not fear that our words are forward and a bother.”

With the song ending like this:

“Let’s understand each other mid-sentence and smile, connecting in gazes that speak volumes in silence. Let’s live indulging in each other’s charm my friends because life’s too short to miss its magic moments.”

It’s a simple song, but it is rich in hope and aspiration.

Magic Dandelion – A Song Against Gun Violence Recognizing That If People Had Support They Might Not Resort To Evil Acts

This may be my most controversial song. But I don’t think it’s very controversial. The song addresses mass shootings and gun violence, which just about everyone today wish would stop. The story of the song starts with a mass shooting and as the song goes on, we learn about the loneliness of the shooter and how society wasn’t there for him. Then we reimagine a world where people supported one another and lonely souls would find support, and wouldn’t need to resort to angry or violent acts. In the end of the song, the shooter reconsiders his action and does not go through with them, finding his love instead.

The central metaphor of this song is that instead of a gun spreading bullets, there would be a magic dandelion which would spread petals (or seeds) or love as a way to counter ugliness with something beautiful. Take a listen. This is one of my earlier songs and perhaps the melody isn’t as catchy as my newer songs, but the lyrics are quite meaningful.

Blue Trolley – A Song About Support In The Unlikeliest Of Places

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a place with people who are in the same situation as you are. You may not discuss it or even talk to those people, but they are going through the same things as you. One of those places is a bus or a trolley where everyone is tired and just trying to get home.

You wouldn’t ordinarily think of that as a supportive environment. Perhaps, it’s more of a cold and distant environment. But this magical song reimagines this environment as one with potential for compassion and support:

Some of the interesting lyrics are:

“Your passengers – sailors at night will comfort each other.”


With them more than once,

I’ve left troubles behind.

With them I’ve rubbed shoulders together.

Imagine the kindness we share in silence

We’re silent in kindness.

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