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Songs Inspired By Art And Literature

Recent release: Shakespearean Rhapsody, inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juiet, which re-imagines what would happen to Romeo and Juliet if they had stayed together.

This song contains a number of original Shakespeare quotes. You can learn more about this song and the Shakespearean quotes in weaves into itself in this page about this song.

Song Inspired By Michelangelo’s Birth Of Adam

This song reimagines the famous painting as though the tenderness of the touch should be between two romantic partners. The song features romantic poetry.

Song About The Girl With The Pearl Earring

Another song inspired by great art is this song about the Girl With The Pearl Earring. A part of the mystery of this painting is that the girl has so many emotions which are impossible to comprehend. She is mysterious and fascinating. Here is the song:

This song is actually a duet in which the Girl With The Pearl Earring is given a voice. You can check out the full song here. Here is a page with a larger collection of songs about art.

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