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Tribute Song To Poets And Singer-Songwriters Like Bob Dylan And Leonard Cohen

Check out this song. It’s an ode to the great poet singer-songwriters who have inspired beautiful feelings in all of use while listening to their music.

Song Meaning

This song is somewhat biographical. I sing about finding myself at an earlier part of my life at some crossroads and without much help or direction. And as if it was magic, the voice of the poet in the songs of artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and many similar poetic singer-songwriters spoke to me their wise and meaningful words, and gave me some direction, inspiration, and a feeling of a little bit of meaning.

Today, when I try to write my own original music, inspired by the great artists who have given me so much and who have enriched my inner life, I also try to create thoughtful and meaningful music that will hopefully inspire emotions in others. It’s a beautiful corner of life.

Some Of The Song Lyrics

The song start out by creating a setting and a mood with these lyrics:

“When all I had was a cigarette, in gray morning due.”

That’s a lonely, desperate, and abandoned setting.

Later, this song gets more optimistic with the lyrics:

“Poets are guardians of souls.” That line is also where this song gets its name.

The overall song shows the protagonist being rescued by poets just like many other people are rescued by poets. And the choruses convey the incredible feeling of being taken on an emotional ride by music with the lyrics:

“Poets fill the sky with magic butterflies” which obviously is a reference to the butterflies they give us in our stomachs, and make us feel young and giddy, if just for mere moments.

My Own Meaningful And Poetic Songs

While I try to make all my songs meaningful and poetic, a few songs especially stand out in that regard. In fact, I’ve written a full blog post with a collection of songs with deep lyrics. One such song is called “Bittersweet Mirage.” It uses an idea from Friedrich Nietzsche that a person will go through great suffering if they see meaning in it. Here is that song:

Another poetic song with great meaning is a very different one. It’s my song called “Oh Michelangelo” where in the poetry of the song, I repaint the famous painting “The Birth Of Adam” and recreate that famous touch between God and Adam as though it was between a romanic couple. Here is the song:

And here is a page with all my romantic songs.

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