Michaelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel is the inspiration for Alex Genadinik’s song, Oh Michaelangelo, It is always remembererd at this time of year for its beauty and relation to the story of creation.  In his song, Alex compares Michaelangelo’s work to his own relationship with his wife.

Michaelangelo’s Work in the Sistine Chapel

The painting by Michaelangelo, in the Sistine Chapel, depicts the creation of mankind with God creating Adam.

The song is about the painting of God and Adam. However, the painting is not just God and Adam. The picture below conveys the true brilliance of Michaelangelo. The genius also painted the entire ceiling of the Chapel.

All in all, this is considered to be one of the most beautiful artwork ever created. You can see why in the picture above.

Alex Genadink’s Song: Oh Michaelangelo

In the words, “I see my love and I”, we also see the comparison between the relationships of Adam and Eve and the relationship between Alex and his wife.

The video includes the picture of the naked Adam. I added the video to a Facebook page and it was flagged as adult content. However, it was never meant to be considered as adult content by anyone.

The Lyrics of Oh Michaelangelo

Verse One

Poets go mad describing the light you emanate For centuries they broke their quills, and now it’s my fate But I can paint you worlds with my caress So I touch the back of your shoulder as you undress


Ohhh Michaelangelo Painted God and Adam in the sky Ohhh Michaelangelo In the painting, I see my love-and-I

Verse 2

My fingers gliding along your silhouette You’re breathing with me — our souls have met Our eyes close as my fingers track New Sistine chapels along your back


Ohhh Michaelangelo Painted God and Adam in the sky Ohhh Michaelangelo In the painting, I see my love-and-I His brush didn’t show her glory I’ll guide his hand to repaint it with her and I in the story

And we surrender in ethereal sublime Where souls touch and forever intertwine With hearts in heaven while still on earth below We’ll paint the world better than Michaelangelo

Verse 3

Moments or centuries later — I open my eyes We levitated in our touch — I realize Each day in our flight I find new words to express That feel as though they were a caress

Instruments Used in Oh Michaelangelo

We have heard Alex’s guitar work before. However, in this song, he only sings the words. Other than writing the words, Alex also puts the video together and uses his YouTube expertise to bring the video to the world.

The instruments also include a piano, drums and electric guitar. Alex uses a highly-skilled group of musicians to assist in the production of this song. Therefore, it includes highly professional standards. The actual recording is also excellent.

Did You Enjoy Oh Michaelangelo

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