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Many love songs feel very similar to one another. But I want to show you a very unique new love song. It’s called “Oh Michelangelo” and it reimagines Michelangelo’s famous painting in the Sistine chapel in which God creates Adam.

Instead of the original meaning of the painting, the protagonist of the song reimagines this the tenderness of that painting as the kind of tenderness that romantic partners would have for each other. Here is the song video:

Now let’s go through the song’s lyrics:


Poets go mad describing the light you emanate

For centuries they broke their quills, and now it’s my fate.

But I can paint you worlds with my caress.

So I touch the back of your shoulder as you undress

This is a nice opening to the song, especially with the third line “I can paint you worlds with my caress.” And the fourth line isn’t what a typical listener would expect next, with a very sensual line of “So I touch the back of your shoulder as you undress.” This is all an intriguing start. But it gets better as the song heads into the chorus.


Ohhh Michelangelo

Painted God and Adam in the sky

Ohhh Michelangelo

In the painting, I see my love and I

The chorus directly states that the protagonist or the singer is challenging the status quo and rejects the original idea of the painting. Instead God giving birth to Adam, the protagonist of the song sees “my love and I.”


My fingers gliding along your silhouette.

You’re breathing with me – our souls have met.

Our eyes close as my fingers track

New Sistine chapels along your back

This, in my opinion as the writer of this song, is the most lyrically powerful verse. The second line of this verse was incredibly difficult to write. How do you truly put into words that magic moment where a touch is just perfectly gentle. The line “You’re breathing with me – our souls have met” was quite a breakthrough for me after being stuck on how to phrase it exactly.

And if that wasn’t enough, the next two lines are some of my best poetry. “…as my fingers track new Sistine chapels along your back.” is a unique and imaginative line and I still can’t believe I wrote it. After this line the chorus repeats. It’s slightly longer than the first chorus.


Ohhh Michelangelo

Painted God and Adam in the sky

Ohhh Michelangelo In the painting,

I see my love and I.

His brush didn’t show her glory.

I’ll guide his hand to repaint it with her and I in the story.

This is a little daring from the protagonist to suggest he’s repaint something better than Michelangelo, but I guess all is fair in the name of love. After the second chorus, the song enters the bridge, which is typically a unique and different part of a song.

And we surrender in ethereal sublime.

Where souls touch and forever intertwine.

With hearts in heaven while still on earth below,

We’ll paint the world better than Michelangelo

This is again quite daring to say you’ll paint the world better then Michelangelo. But that’s this song. It isn’t afraid to reimagine things.


Moments or centuries later, I open my eyes.

We levitated in our touch, I realize.

Each day in our flight I find new words to express

That feel as though they were a caress.

Isn’t that the most romantic thing ever, to keep finding amazing things to say to your partner that make them feel it was a caress? I think it’s best way to live if you find someone who tells you that and someone about whom you can keep thinking up amazing things all the time and tell them.

Open-Ended Love Song

This is another romantic, but sad love song.


Every night she slept dreaming of me.

And in my dreams, she was all I could see.

We met on the stars as we closed our eyes

Swirling around each other in midnight skies


We painted sunsets lavender

While sharing dreams in love whispers.

Until sunrise broke the spell – time to part.

Waking apart missing half of our hearts


After years I came to her door

To give her the flowers my heart grew for her

But I tripped on my words and couldn’t confess

How for years I dreamed of her caress


She was dying to melt in my arms

But hesitated to reach for my palms.

We stood silently and I began to leave

Back to live in the dreams we weave.


Dreams kept love alive while decades flew by I met her later

Her eyes still with pain of our last goodbye

We melted into a clutching embrace.

But this vivid dream ended with only silent walls to face.

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