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Magic Dandelion: A Song Against Gun Crime and Mass Shootings

Magic Dandelion is an anti-gun violence and anti-mass shootings song by Alex Genadinik. This song attempts to provide an alternative understanding of those caught up in such crime.

The song looks at the reasons behind the people pulling the trigger. Could it be loneliness? Could it be isolation or neglect? It offers the possibility that people who commit such crimes are not merely bad people, but just misunderstood.


Magic Dandelion Lyrics

In heaven, there is a magic dandelion Spreading petals of love You were waiting for your petal too long Didn’t know it was moments away, floating along.

So you shot us as a surprise On a clear day under blue skies We became a motionless heap — Drifting toward eternal sleep

In heaven, there is a magic dandelion Spreading petals of love Whoever’s waiting for your petal be strong It may be moments away, floating along.

A petal brings the one you love Who sees what you’ve been dreaming of The petal came to your outstretched hands That never found another’s to press against.

The petal revealed your Juliet If not for your shot, you would have met You closed your eyes and wept at life’s surprise Begging heavens for a reprise!

So the world stopped spinning for heaven to hear his plea. He was shot first by turned backs of people grown cold From waiting for their petal coming too slow. So the heavens let the world try once more.

That day began again, and you still felt pain But you put down your gun and found a way to refrain And all the people that day, Took your hand and led your way

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Instruments Used In Magic Dandelion

Alex wrote this song and also sings and plays the guitar. There is a piano and also another keyboard. However, the focuses more on Alex’s musical ability than any of the other instruments. They are merely background sounds.

Alex is a poet who is excellent at putting his words to music. As can be heard, he is also a great guitarist who can play fingerstyle guitar and sing simultaneously. As an experienced guitarist myself, I know that having the ability to play great fingerstyle guitar and sing takes a lot of experience and practice. This is especially true when you don’t have any fret buzz and achieve the desired tone with your playing, as Alex does.

What Can You Do to Combat Gun Violence?

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